Our Services

Pollution Prevention (P2) and EPA’s Environment, Energy and Economy Program (E3) help utilities, regulators, policy makers, developers, and investors make strategic decisions as they implement new public policies, respond to technological advances, and address customers’ shifting expectations.

The Engineering New Mexico Resource Network provides technical assistance and information to businesses and communities on cost-effective ways to reduce and/or prevent pollution and preserve New Mexico’s valuable environmental resources.
Engineering New Mexico’s Economic Energy Efficiency programs provide on-site energy-efficiency assessments for business, industry and government agencies.  The program is focused on reducing energy use and related costs, as well as promoting the installation of renewable energy sources, where applicable.
Our “How-To Guides” lead communities and manufacturers through the process of assembling your E3/P2 team and preparing for an E3/P2 assessment, the heart of the E3/P2 effort.