Meet the Team

Get to know College of Engineering’s Associate Dean, analysts, economists, engineers, policy experts, and scientists. Find out what we do—and why we do it.

Dr. Patricia Sullivan serves as Associate Dean for Outreach in the College of Engineering where she leads statewide programs in STEM outreach, technical business assistance, and professional development through extensive short courses and workshops for industry professionals. She has extensive ties with industry organizations across NM and the Western states, including her current role as chair of the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education.  Her academic background is in energy policy and renewable energy integration.


Chris Campbell is a Senior Program Manager who will provide on-site technical assistance in the areas of Pollution Prevention; specifically, he will lead and conduct assessments of the client’s operations focusing on environmental and P2 performance with the goal of providing recommendations for improvements and related cost-savings. Mr. Campbell has been directing the NMSU P2 Resources Center since 1999, conducting such assessments successfully for New Mexico manufacturers and other sectors with EPA funding through NMSU.

Jalal Rastegary is a Research Scientist who has been working on different aspects of renewable energy, new bio-energy, and the sustainable management of integrated water and energy use for more than 25 years. He provides on site technical assistance in the area of energy efficiency and pollution prevention, helping small businesses minimize their negative impact on the environment and reducing energy consumption and cost.

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