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The Engineering New Mexico Resource Network provides technical assistance and information to businesses and communities on cost-effective ways to reduce and/or prevent pollution and preserve New Mexico’s valuable environmental resources.

Engineering New Mexico, through NMSU’s College of Engineering, partners with State agencies and local non-profits to assist businesses that incorporate environmentally sound practices into their operation and realize significant cost-savings.

Pollution prevention (known as P2) is an increasingly important effort undertaken by New Mexicans to manage waste products properly and reduce the source of those wastes. Business owners and community leaders are encouraged to contact Engineering New Mexico for technical information or consultation on how to adopt Best Practices in waste management and waste reduction. Engineering New Mexico, through the WERC program at NMSU, is a partner with the New Mexico Environment Department’s Green Zia Environmental Leadership Program, which recognizes businesses that incorporate environmentally sound practices into their operation.

Specially trained staff are available to conduct on-site P2 assessments for New Mexico businesses, industries, and government agencies. On-site assessments utilize Best Practices to identify and evaluate internal processes and activities; review solid, chemical and hazardous waste streams; identify P2 options to reduce or eliminate those wastes, and identify relevant and cost-effective disposal/recycling options.

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For more information:
Chris Campbell, Senior Program Manager
Jalal  Rastegary, Research Scientist
Engineering New Mexico Resource Network
Telephone: 575-646-2913