About Us

The College of Engineering provides assistance to citizens, business, industry, and government agencies across the state of New Mexico. Business assistance outreach program leverage the expertise of engineering faculty and highly trained staff to offer engineering expertise and solutions designed to help bolster the state’s economy.

Our passion: unbiased analysis of critical energy issues

College of Engineering’s greatest strengths lies in its team of consultants—the analysts, engineers, policy experts, economists, scientists, and others who have a deep understanding of contemporary analytical techniques, industries economics, energy markets, and regulatory institutions. Our partners are fully engaged and have a hand in every project, so clients benefit from their expertise in every engagement.

Ultimately, our sharp focus allows us to pursue our true passion—bringing clear, unbiased analysis to the critical issues facing the energy industry today.

Business Assessments Summary

YearTotal # of Business# Small Business# Rural AreaAnnual Electricity Reductions (kWh)Reduction of Solid Waste (Tons)Carbon Dioxide Reductions (Tons of CO2)Water Conserved (Gallons)BTUs of Energy Conserved (BTUs)Estimated Cost-Savings